Who is Dr.Tranquility

Who is Dr.Tranquility?

Hi, I am Lydia Belton, Dr. Tranquility. Our platforms include¬†DrTranquility.com, DrTranquility Blogs, DrTranquility Magazine, DrTranquility TV, and B Well TV. ‚Ä®‚Ä®‚Ä®BIO‚Ä®‚Ä®‚Ä®Date Therapy‚Ä®Dr. Tranquility Relaxation protocols‚Ä®DrTranquility 'Developed by Lydia Belton Ph.D., Ct. H. A. of DrTranquility. com, Date Therapy is an effective protocol that helps people get in touch with their ideal mate. This®unique tool can be utilized in currently the Tranquility expert dating sites, Cupidspulse. com, matchmaker's or dating events i Date Therapy are so successful that they have been. DrTranquility has been a Featured expert for or published expert including‚Forbes.com and Yahoo. Featured expert: ABCNEWS. com, KISS FM, Metromix for the Chicago Tribune, Glamour UK Magazine, promoted by Match. com. Dr. Tranquility-Lydia has also been a columnist for cupidspulse.com for more than 2 years.

"Exceptionally thorough, she moves from clinical to a working protocol extraordinary in its scope. DrTranquility is professionally superb, with relaxation and hope always in her voice" L. Y. DrTranquility-Lydia Belton, is a mental health expert with a background in Psychology, Relaxation Physiology for Mind-Body Medicine from Harvard University's Mind- Body Institute. The Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine and Columbia University's Rosenthal Center in Botanical Medicine. She worked as an early response therapist for the International Red Cross during 911 in NYC, and is very active in working with outreach programs and organizations as she has done for many years, one of her favorites, the steering committee for the Children's Museum of Manhattan. Lydia has helped numerous people address P. T. S. D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Anxiety Disorder, Phantom Limb Syndrome and Personal Empowerment and Goal Attainment. Under Date Therapy and Dr. Tranquility, she has penned and been published in /on numerous outlets among them Forbes.com and Yahoo. com, abcnews.com as well as featured numerous media outlets; Glamour UK (pictorial), REDBOOK and Cosmopolitan as a featured expert, her radio shows from KTST 89. 5 to blogtalk and I Tune shows offered by numerous international platforms and her celebrity wellness, fashion, actor and athletic guru interviews' have been heard by hundreds of thousands over the last decade. Dr. Tranquility-Lydia has also been a featured expert for Fox 5 Good Day NY(recurring appearances), Kiss FM (multiple markets). Listeners turned on their radios and adjusted their dials to hear DrTranquility Talks FM and her own platforms (live each week), and through her other platform B WELL TV(video), her production company, magazine and of course her popular wellness website.
DrTranquility.com (and a substantial membership base with her affiliate lists acquired over a decade), she has worked with through promotion and in some cases has also interviewed countless healers in New York City, LA, London and from around the globe.
Many of them are New York Times best-selling authors, including: Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Eric Pearl, actress turned guru Dee Wallace, Dr. Wayne Dyer Ph. D. ; Dr. Laurie Nadel, Ph. D. ; Dr. Fred Vagnini, M. D. ; Dr. Joseph Mercola, M. D. , Dr. Hyla Caas M. D. and Eldon Taylor, Ph. D. , Jimmy Choo and FIFA Captain Christine Rampone, . . Stay tuned!

Lydia is an accomplished public relations profession with deep experience in managing all aspects of public relations and media campaigns. She specializes in educating the wellness community globally through her own media outlets -- electronic, print, radio and television -- and is her own producer, publisher, and editor. In short, Lydia has years of direct, hands-on experience in educating and enlightening a large and upper-income market. She is prepared to advise, prepare strategies and manage end-to-end campaigns. ‚Ä®‚Ä®Her combined IPTV project sit on platforms and combined networks reach of over 139 million potential viewers around the globe. . ‚Ä®‚Ä®PR Bio¬†‚Ä®Charity Public Relations: ‚Ä®Children's Museum of Manhattan: ‚Ä®‚Ä®‚Ä®‚Ä®Steering Committee coordinating fundraising events, projects propelling the image forward¬†‚Ä®under Andrew Ackerman, who was also the National Director for all of the museums around the country. Many on this committee did go on to become board members. I went back to my studies. Public Speaking: ‚Ä®Presentations and speaker for I Date the dating industries business professionals in attendance Yahoo, Goggle, CNN, and of¬†‚Ä®course Match. com, founder of E-Harmony and many others. Speaking on PR and Media. ‚Ä®WOR Radio NY and Pfizer Health Symposium Coordinated by Dr. Fred Vagnini, Penn Plaza New York. ‚Ä®Mind-Body Medicine: ‚Ä®Numerous other events available upon request‚VP and Executive Vice President of Public Relations The Excalibur Publishing Group London, UK‚
1. )Book Launch- coordinated all aspects of an event honoring Dragoon's held at the Museum of The Officer of the Dragoons Award Cup Presented and attended by¬†‚Ä®HRH Princess Margaret. ‚Ä®‚Ä®2. ) Book Launch- Coordinated Launch with Mme. Babati At The Hotel Du Paris in Monaco. HRH Prince Albert Attended and Presented Award Cup. ‚Executive Level Management, Public Relations Marriott Hotel, Conn. ‚Ä®‚Ä®Vacations7resortsinternational.com 2013-present‚Ä®‚Ä®Numerous other companies upon request‚Ä®‚Ä®Dr . Tranquility‚Ä®‚Ä®Executive Produced and produced, Hosted , Dr. Tranquility Talks and Date Therapy Talks Radio shows where I interviewed: Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Louise Gittleman, Top experts in Wellness, Relationship, Health and Wellness, Fashion, Literary, Travel and Lifestyle Industries. ‚Ä®‚Ä®Executive producer B Well TV Interviews Famed Shoe DesignerJimmy Choo, Bob Champion Trust with Unprecedented access to Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Research Lab in Surrey UK. , The Dorchester Hotel , The Dorchester Spa unprecedented access interview Spa, Treatments, on Camera Interview with Manageress, world famous Jimmy Choo Shoe Designer on all topics including wellness and his personal Qi Gong practices at Awana Restaurant, Mayfair UK where he was also an owner additional interviews with Head Chef, Sommelier, his partner famously successful world acclaimed restaurateur Eddie Lim‚Pura Vida Retreat- A 5-star yoga resort in Costa Rica highlighting all experts in a promotional piece for the retreat. Our Magazine featuring articles, goodies fascinating places, blogs highlighting travel all can be found on¬†‚Ä®drtranquility.com‚Ä®‚Ä®Some examples of my writing can be found below including being featured on numerous websites and databases including but not limited to a national (every city) and International dating company wich also launched teleconferences and requests for me to be a keynote speaker. References in addition to what is not including here or ondrtranquility.com are available upon request.Date Therapy http: //cupidspulse. com/41142/three-steps-stress-free-holiday-dating/, http: //cupidspulse. com/33647/3-ways-to-know-hes-into-you/‚Ä®‚Ä®References: ‚®From one of my PR Clients Nick F. Vacations7esortsInternational.com ‚Says: ‚Our Dr. Tranquility PR division. This is what one of our PR clients had to say: ‚Ä®"THANK YOU. You promoting vacations7resortsinternational.com has given¬†‚Ä®us the Trip Advisory Award of excellence.‚Nick F. Vacations 7. This is for Trip Advisory. So come join us we have‚Ä®a 70% open rate and a massive, active wellness email list! ‚Ä®Are You a practitioner come see what we can do for you! ‚Email Lydia@drtranquility.com‚
Michael B. Vice President at Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets‚"Dr. Tranquility-Lydia Belton Ph.D., Ct. H. A. is the REAL DEAL!!! She is a¬†‚Ä®trained professional who has helped a huge number of people with¬†‚Ä®uncompromising integrity and honesty. Moreover, she provides access to other leading wellness professionals hrough her multi-media interviews. She is a bright, shining star whose warmth and humanity are boundless. Get to know her."‚
Laurie Nadel, Ph. D. 6 Time New York Times Best Selling Author and Columnist‚sychotherapist‚Ä®I have been working with Dr. Tranquility (Lydia Belton) for the past decade and have the highest regard for her talent, creative vision, intuitive leadership, and professionalism. She operates from a deep sense of integrity. It is always a privilege and a pleasure to collaborate and share ideas with Lydia. I cannot recommend her highly enough!,
John A. Medical Mgmt and Product Development in Antiaging and Beauty Consultant‚
Dr. Tranquility-Lydia Belton's unique perspective in Mental Health creates‚Ä®a website that is fun, informative, and transformative. She is truly gifted¬†‚Ä®with people as evidenced by her interviews. She has brought together famous and diverse personalities for interviews for her digital and radio subscribers. Always a power player, now a webmaster, ‚publisher and writer, ‚she merges her brand of therapy with other giants in the field. The result is¬†‚Ä®a win for her subscribers. Whatever Lydia does, she does well. ‚Ä®I for one will be looking to see her next creation. ‚Ä®‚Ä®"The Date Therapy Session is a must attend for any practitioner working with clients struggling to start over. Exceptionally thorough, It moves from clinical to a working protocol extraordinary in its scope. Dr. Tranquility is professionally superb, with relaxation and hope always in her voice. This is a "best practice" and "best buy" program. The final segment on marketing alone is worth the double the price. "Date Therapy Practitioner"Thanks to you. . . Excellent Interview"‚Susan Winter of Susan winner. net, Best Selling Author, New York Times‚Ä®, former CNBC Interviewer, Interviewed¬†‚Ä®by most all major media in the USA and abroad;‚Ä®Media credits include: THE TODAY SHOW, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, ‚Ä®ABC/CBS/NBC EVENING NEWS, CNN, COSMO, HARPERS BAZAAR, ‚Ä®PEOPLE, GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, NEW YORK MAGAZINE, ‚Ä®THE LONDON TIMES, THE NEW YORK TIMES and¬†‚Ä®THE HUFFINGTON POST. In radio, Susan is a frequent‚Ä®guest on NPR. ‚Ä®PLAYBOY NETWORK (Sirius Radio), and CBS News Radio. ‚Ä®‚Ä®Hellen Chen‚Ä®#1 Matchmaker and author matchmakerofthecentury.com, ‚Ä®says: ‚Ä®"You are a wonderful host and bring out the best in your guests."¬†‚Ä®‚Ä®Julie Austin‚Ä®innovation keynote speaker/inventor NASDAQ New Buisness of The Year Finalist‚Ä®Lydia (AKA Dr. Tranquility) is a smart, savvy businesswoman who is an incredible networker. She has an intuitive knack for pointing people in the right direction and is a giving radio host who really knows the business and makes her guests feel comfortable. ‚Ä®‚Ä®L. Y. , Corp. Trainer: Highly sought after and works some of the Laurgest Foundations in the world‚Ä®"Exceptionally thorough, she moves from clinical to a working protocol¬†‚Ä®extraordinary‚Ä®in its scope. ‚Ä®DrTranquility is professionally superb, with relaxation and¬†‚Ä®hope always in her voice."‚Ä®‚Ä®Of Date Therapy and Media Marketing Course‚Ä®‚Ä®"This is a best practice and Best buy program. The Final Segment on marketing¬†‚Ä®alone is Worth double the price. "‚Ä®‚Ä®One of our many Date Therapy Clients: A. B.: ‚Ä®"I would recommend Dr. Tranquility-Lydia and Date Therapy because you gave me¬†‚Ä®new ways of dealing with stress that I can use in dating but in life in general. "‚Ä®Date Therapy http: //cupidspulse. com/41142/three-steps-stress-free-holiday-dating/, http: //cupidspulse. com/33647/3-ways-to-know-hes-into-you/‚Ä®‚Ä®Are you suffering from SAD aka (Seasonal Affective Disorder, depressed by the lack of sunlight/winter months)?‚Ä®‚Ä®Dr. Tranquility, Lydia released a book with co-author Kathleen Barns on the importance of Vitamin D. This is especially important to Lydia for women of color, (and you know who you are. . . everyone from slightly off white to the deepest black, including Asians and Hispanics) tend to be deficient in levels of this vitally important vitamin, often due to cultural standards). Let go of the umbrella... and for just a moment, Let The Sun Shine In.‚Äù Isn't your wellness worth it?¬†‚Ä®Let The Sun Shine In¬†is available in a unique format on drtranquility.com. For information: please visit DrTranquility.com and click Let The Sun Shine In! ‚Ä®‚Ä®More to come!‚Ä®Lydia@drtranquility. com

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