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99 Tinker Street Euphoria Yoga,Woodstock N.Y.12498 1:30-4:30 pm

Feel Free to bring your books to be signed by Laura Day to the event!
also you may contact The golden Notebook to place your orders
(845) 670-2205
A Hudson Valley, N.Y. Wellness Event
This event is free to the public thanks to our sponsors & Ms Laura Day

includes complimentary appetizers from O Sake in Middletown @3:30. Wonderfully talented local speakers and...
Our amazingly gifted Keynote:
Laura Day with
testimonials from Nicole Kidman,Jennifer Aniston,Deepak Chopra,
Chris Rock & Brad Pitt,this woman is the real deal!

Featured in/on OM Times Magazine,The Sixth Sense 20/20 on ABC,
The Huffington Post,The Geographical,Good Morning America,Oprah:
The-Power-of-Your-Intuition,ABC News,
Newsweek - Business: The $10,000-a-Month Psychic
The Huffington Post,Fox Business,CNN,Glamour Magazine


Everyone is a psychic, a medium and a healer and these
are skills that are so accurate and useful that Fortune 500 companies
are using them!

When your intuition is working for you, your life works, your business
works, your relationships work and life becomes more predictable, joyful
and productive.

Over 60 years of parapsychological research at the university and
military level, has demonstrated that intuitive skills like prediction
(precognition), telepathy (mind reading), Remote Viewing, mediumship
and remote and hands on healing are verifiable and reliable.

Intuition is an ability inherent in all of us. We are often unable to
use the information intuition gives us because it gets confused
with thoughts,
experiences and emotions. Another person, especially someone
who does
not know you, is often more able than you are to give you
accurate, dispassionate, predictive, reliable intuitive information.

In other words, the person sitting next to you may have your answers!

Join intuitive, healer and bestselling author Laura Day for
this illuminating workshop to awaken your intuition and apply
it to improve your own life in practical and useful ways.

See Laura Day on 20/20 and in Om Times
Read about Laura Day in Newsweek

New York Times Bestselling author Laura Day has spent
nearly three decades helping individuals, organizations, and companies
use their innate intuitive abilities to create profound change. Newsweek
Magazine calls her
"The $10,000-a-Month Psychic. When business people need a
crystal ball, they turn to consultant Laura Day, the intuitionist,
The Independent dubbed her The Psychic of Wall Street,
AList HollywoodStars and Wall Street executives all praise
her abilities to hone in on future predictions with astounding accuracy
including the recent recession.
Laura's work has helped demystify intuition and bring it into
the mainstream,she demonstrate its practical, verifiable uses
in the fields of business, science, medicine and personal growth.
She has trained thousands of people to use their brains, perceptions
and sixth sense,effective ways to realize their goals. Day is the author
of six bestselling books including 'Practical Intuition' 'How To Rule The
World From Your Couch' & 'The Circle'. Find this and more on:
Our amazing speaker's include:
Opening for our event is the lovely and talented Orly Amor.
Orly Amor is an avid learner of the human mind and the language of
Self-Talk and Self-Advice. Orly is a Mindset Mastery and Relationship Expert.
All the more reason to be on the look out for her later book,'The Twelve Powers
We Hold Within!
Orly is the new Dear Abby advice columnist. Her column is Called Oh Orly! She is featured in 17 publications in New York with a readership of 350,000 and growing. Orly is also, the Executive Producer of the Oh Orly TV Show Series Web Based TV Education and Advice TV Show for Entrepreneurs and Consumers to go Live.
Best Selling Author of The Twelve Powers We Hold Within,The Ultimate Paradigm Shift!
Orly Amor | Public Speaker, Author, Business & Personal Coach, Host of Orly's Business Power Hour! TV/Radio Personality, President & Founder of The Health & Wellness Network of Commerce USA, CEO & Founder of The Global Mentoring Center Inc. & Executive Producer of The Social WOW Factor Summit 2015.

Community & global speakers streaming in. Presenting on the topics of a
New Year & a New You Streaming in Actress and Guru
Dee Wallace with BuppaLaPaloo!

Community speaker's:
Gene Ladd of Gene

Pearl Pollac on The Health Benefits & Essentials of Essential Oils!

Dating, Relationships & great business tips too!
More speakers added constantly!

Kelly Ippolito of Director of Display advertising for Propel & The Record online.

Dr. Gene Ladd
Dr.Gene is a prolific author on health,Wellness & sprituality aformer radio personality in NYC, a shaman, healer & formulator. Founder & creator
of Plesant Stone Farms Botanical products! Presenter & Educator for Physicians training programs in numerous hospitals,this is a man in the know!!
Dr.Tranquility of
DateTherapy,,Dr.Tranquility Magazine,Dr.Tranquility Talks

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