Dr.T's Rolling Thunder Natural Pet Anxiety Relief

Rolling Thunder Pet Relief

This highly efficacious created with the traditional formulation for more than 10 years. I am an avid rescuer of pets mainly dogs but we love cats as well! Given my training in mental health, and botanical medicine as well as studying with countless shaman's around the world over the last 20 years It was a no brainer to develop a formula with my partner a former Search and Rescue Canine Specialist with 2 doggies,in addition to working with countless rescues and pet adoptions agencies.

Loud Noise Phobia is often triggered by rainstorms, loud noises such as fireworks,making the 4th of July unbearable.Our loved ones presenting with generalized,travel phobic response, you name it. Rolling Thunder Pet Relief created more than a decade ago has been used by many a rescuer as we often have gifted our all natural herbal product to numerous rescues & charities & have many numerous satisfied customers thanks to Fox 5 Good Day New York & many other media outlets! For more information please give us a ring ! (212)920-1603.

We are happy to announce special orders may include beef,chicken or salmon flavor. You may also do this yourself by adding LOW SODIUM flavoring to the original formula. Feel free to ring me as the amount added should be based on breed and size of your 4 legged baby.

Our Models are Jasmine (the latest edition Rottie), Fox Terrier & Golden Retriever all breeds and sizes respond well to this formula! Last is the superstar Fritzy retired presidential award winning Search and Rescue Canine who saved 2 people during Katrina!

Send us picks of your baby...Cats are more than welcome too!
for more info (212) 9201603

Dr.T's Herbal Pet Anxiety Relief

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This all natural product has a shelf life of a season for only $19.95


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