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A Mind- Body Protocol offered By DrTranquility, who is also a Hypnotic anesthiologist for more than a decade,who has helped so many people to experiencenot only change but... continued lasting success decade's later (which is key)!. She also works with MD pals where PHARMACOLOGICAL INTERVENTION is INTiCATED, due to
obesity,diabetes & other areas where supervision in general is indicated.
To Schedule an appointment with DrTranquility & many of the practitioner's on this site via Tele-session,
Skype session, or in office please feel free to ring us
(212) 920-1603, or lydia@drtranquility.com. To beging your protocol.
Dr.T's Weight Loss Protocol

Are you trying to loose weight and just seem to plateau or need to drop those extra lbs. quickly in a healthy fashion..Cruise/bikini season need I say another phrase? Try my weight loss protocol...and it's a new you! This is a personalized protocol that incorporates phone sessions/in office , audio, possible medical protocols depending on need & time frame,start seeing Great results with in 10 days!

Dr.Tranquility-Lydia as seen on & featured in & her articles are published in

Healthy information and Mind-Body protocols. This month: We are combined MD's, Weight Loss support groups

Such as Weight Watcher's, Nutrisystem and others.
Dr. Tranquility-Lydia Belton Ph.D. Ct.H.A
DrTranquility-Lydia Belton,is a mental health expert, a stress management therapist, a hypnotic anesthesiologist(use the mind to block pain for people allergic to traditional anesthesia) with a background in Relaxation Physiology for Mind-Body Medicine from Harvard University's Mind- Body /Benson-Henery Institute, and Columbia University's Rosenthal Center in Botanical Medicine.Dr.Tranquility specializes in weight loss,travel anxiety, pain management,her highly successful Date Therapy for practitioner's protocol,and of course stress management especially in the areas of PTSD, and Phantom Limb. She worked as an early response therapist for the International Red Cross during 911 in NYC, and is very active in working with out reach programs and organizations as she has done for many years. Her renowned weightless & tress management protocols are legendary. The results are instantly visible,protocol is short & easy.

One of her favorite outreach programmes, the steering committee for the Children's Museum of Manhattan. Lydia has also helped numerous people address P.T.S.D.(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder),Anxiety Disorder,Phantom Limb Syndrome and bereavement issues.DrTranquility's expert protocols have been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, REDBOOK, and Glamour UK. She has written numerous articles & has been published on Forbes.com & various sites such as Cupidspulse.com, columns for both national and international magazines& has appeared on The View, ABCNEWS.com, iVillage, and as an expert for Fox 5 Good Day, KISS-FM, and WOR-FM,BBC Radio London, In addition, she has been interviewed by many media personalities,such as Michael Baesden and Meredith Viera, helping Meredith (live on ABC TV's The View to alleviate her shoulder pain). Through the platforms of her fm radio show, (where more than 200,000 listeners turned on their radios & adjusted their dials to hear DrTranquility Talks live each week),and through her other platform B WELL TV, her production company, and of course her popular wellness website DrTranquility.com(with a substantial membership base with her affiliate lists acquired over a decade), she has worked with through promotion and in some cases has also interviewed countless healers in New York City, LA, London and from around the globe. She offers in office,phone+audio & Skype sessions. (212)920-1603
Michael B.
Vice President at Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets
"Dr. Tranquility-Lydia Belton PhD, Ct.H.A. is the REAL DEAL!!! She is a
trained professional who has helped a huge number of people with
uncompromising integrity and honesty.
Moreover, she provides access to other leading wellness professionals
through her multi-media interviews.
She is a bright, shining star whose warmth and
humanity are boundless. Get to know her."

One of our many Date Therapy Clients: A.B.:
"I would recommend Dr.Tranquility-Lydia & Date Therapy because you gave me
new ways of dealing with stress that I can use in dating but in life in general."

Of Date Therapy Practitioner & Media Marketing Course

"This is a best practice and Best buy program. The Final Segment on marketing
alone is Worth double the price.

Laurie Nadel, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist,6x NY Times Best Selling author of 'Sixth Sense'
I have been working with Dr. Tranquility (Lydia Belton) for the past decade and have the highest regard for her talent, creative vision, intuitive leadership, and professionalism. She operates from a deep sense of integrity. It is always a privilege and a pleasure to collaborate and share ideas with Lydia. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

John A.
Medical Mgmt & Product Development in Antiaging & Beauty Consultant
Dr Tranquility-Lydia Belton's unique perspective in Mental Health creates
a website that is fun, informative, and transformative. She is truly gifted
with people as evidenced by her interviews.
She has brought together famous and diverse personalities for interviews
for her digital and radio subscribers. Always a power player, now a webmaster,
publisher and writer,she merges her brand of therapy with other giants in the field. The result is
a win for her subscribers. Whatever Lydia does, she does well.
I for one will be looking to see her next creation.

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Are you a practitioner? and would you like to be included on this new page submissions or info@drtranquility.com>/strong>

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