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Featured with journalist and dear friend Marcos"Mark" Kocan & Miss World Fitness & DrTranquility contributor Timea Majorova.

Power Healer Series Starting October1,2014 All Souls Day

DrTranquility Present's Healer's & Guru's:
The Rainbow Bridge
The Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace
By Brent N. Hunter
60 Easy-to-Use Universal Principles to Guide You to Inner Peace

Readers who are interested in love, kindness, inner peace and a better world may find much in this book to inspire them.His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

The Rainbow Bridge: The Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace by Brent N Hunter is the ultimate handbook for those who yearn for inner stillness and outer global harmony.

The unique and groundbreaking resource praised by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and hailed as the winner of the 2013 Bronze Medal for World Peace from the Living Now Book Awards and winner in the 2014 Los Angeles Book Festival and six other recognitions so in 2014 is a compendium of vital information crossing the entire landscape of inner peacefulness, peace activism, peace contribution, peace celebration and more-- wrapped up in the beautiful imagery of The Rainbow Bridge.
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The Rainbow Bridge illuminates the common ground in the world wisdom traditions. These 60 easy-to-use universal principles can be used to help guide us to experiencing deep inner peace. They can also be used in concrete ways to help create a bridge to a peaceful harmonious world that works for all via a comprehensive Road Map to World Peace. This book also reveals how the mainstream Rainbow Bridge is spontaneously appearing around the world in the form of physical bridges, stores, hotels, music festivals, Hollywood films and more. The Rainbow Bridge is a vision of peace and unity that comes from deep inside the heart of humanity.

FIFA Women's World Cup 4x Finalist 3x Olympic Gold Medalist Christie Rampone sits down in an exclusive interview with Dr.Tranquility-Lydia to bring you Her ebook' How to be a Gold Medal Mom During Summer Break' and Summer Survival Kit! Available as of 5 pm Wed 6/25/14 exclusively for our members along with activity calendar exclusively in the book you will find it in the Goodie Bag area!
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Our Celebrity & Celebrity Healers What do they do that makes the difference?

Just In time to move us into the New Year Zeev Kolman Ph.D.. You will also find him on zeevkolman.net
Dr..Tranquility-Lydia Interviews the guru to the stars Zeev Kolman Ph.D.

This fascinating healer who's devotees include everyone from rCarly Simon,Charlie Sheen,Goldie Hawn,Robin Williams,Barbara Streisand and more! Zeev sits down with Dr.Tranquility to talk about his new book" The Mind Is A Healer, The Mind Is A Killer." This is a must hear chat from the guru himself.Come join us.
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My dear friend & gifted musician Stanley Abernathy stops by to chat in this special edition. Not only known as Mr. BB King's trumpet player for the last 2 decades but also a famed musician in his own right.
Stanley Abernathy: The man, His Music & Wellness on the Road



An interesting excerpt of this Exclusive Interview can be found on our DrTranquility Talks On Blog Talk Radio. Dr.Joe Vitale what better way to start the New Year! Don't miss DrTranquility's article for the New Year in the Dr. Joe Vitale's January newsletter! For your free copy of this special edition visit our Dr.T Zone Magazine page. Click on the nav bar on the left.drT_talks_2011_10.m4a

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DR. Barry Sears of The Zone Diet & Dr.Eric Pearl of The Reconnection

The man himself Dr.Barry Sears. A NY Times #1 bestselling author of The Zone, Dr. Sears is a leading advocate of non-inflammatory diets. /strong> He founded the Inflammation Research Foundation and created the Zone diet and can discuss in layman's terms how people can easily adjust diets and shopping habits to select more healthy choices when at local supermarkets. His recent book, Toxic Fat, addresses these problems and solutions.
Excessive weight gain leads to type 2 diabetes (now at crisis levels in USA) among other health problems. One-third of Americans are obese and an even higher percentage of children are too heavy. America needs to wake up to the realities of the impact of foods that can lead to problems. Here is a link to an interview he did several months ago on Fox TV Live with Tracey Brynes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K104--iJAVc&list=UU-de0XRkOOVsLGNLeB6mqQg&index=3&feature=plcp.

Founder & Chairman of Zone Labs (www.ZoneDiet.com) & President of the Inflammation Research Foundation
Best Selling Author: The Zone

Dr. Barry Sears is one of the leading authorities on the dietary control hormonal and inflammatory responses to treat chronic disease. He is the author of the 12 books on anti-inflammatory diets, including the #1 New Times best-seller, The Zone. His books have sold more than five million copies and have been translated into 22 languages. His latest book is Toxic Fat.

He is Founder and Chairman of Zone Labs, online at www.ZoneDiet.com, marketers of food and nutritional products based on his work.

 Former research scientist at the Boston University School of Medicine and MIT, Dr. Sears is also President of the non-profit Inflammation Research Foundation, where he continues his clinical research on the hormonal and anti-inflammatory effects of diet. In particular, his research is focused on developing innovative dietary approaches in the treatment of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and neurological disorders.
Because of his revolutionary research, Dr. Sears has been a guest on many national programs such as 20/20, Today, Good Morning America, CBS Morning News, CNN, Fox News America Live and MSNBC.
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