Dr. Laurie Nadel 6x NY Times Best Seller & Timea Majorova is a Fitness World Champion

Dr. Laurie Nadel 6 time NY Times Best Selling Author

This amazing woman and 6 x New York Times Best Selling author of her book
' Sixth Sense'Laurie Nadel, Ph.D. is Vice-President of Mind Body
Network and www.mindbodynetwork.com. Author of the 6-time best-seller
Sixth Sense: Unlocking Your Ultimate Mind Power, she has been a
guest on Oprah, and Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.
Laurie has a psychotherapy practice in Manhattan and Long Beach:
www.laurienadel.comSimply let her know your a member
of the family!
For the past decade she built an psychotherapy and
coaching practice.Dr.Laurie Nadel Holds Doctorates in Psychology
and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Laurie's was initially a journalist and
could be found also for the last decade news rooms of CBS and ABC.
Her writing can be found
in the LA and NY Times.She is also a blogger for The Huffington Post.
for Dr.Laurie

Dr. Laurie Nadel helps individuals unlock the door to success by
eliminating anxiety...replacing it with self-confidence. In addition
to children and teens, she also helps business owners achieve their
goals; executives, managers, and entertainers overcome performance
anxiety; and busy professionals balance their careers and personal lives
for greater fulfillment.

"Laurie is one of the kindest,most truly generous of spirit,and
gifted practitioners I know. I consider it to be a honor to call her my
and teacher and a true blessing to call her my dear friend."
Dr.Tranquility-Lydia Belton"





Dr. Laurie On Air:She hosts her radio program: "The Pursuit of Happiness" on www.healthylife.net

For more information, please visit www.laurienadel.com

Skype: drlaurie.nadel

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Timea Majorova

Timea Majorova is a Fitness World Champion and International Cover Model having graced more than 200 covers world wide,including Muscle and Fitness Magazine,Flex Magazine,Muscle & Fitness:Hers,Musclemag International to name a few!

She is a finalist from the Ms. Olympia competition numerous times over, and a friend of DrTranquility.com. Her latest productPretty Fit visit is awesome and is flying off of the shelves. But don't let this beauty fool you,as we sat down to do an interview with her we realized her fitness background is an offspring of the fact that she is a Physical Therapist! Timea Chats with me,Dr.Tranquility on the fm version of DrTranquility Talks,and we are thrilled to have her as a current contributor here on Dr. Tranquility.com. "The last couple of times I sat down with Timea I found her to be extremely kind and unassuming,gracious and grateful. Which is always a welcome discovery these days in the era of the UBER and far too often celebrity for celebrity sake.So watch out because this brainy beauty is just getting started"

Timea has an amzing site also so contact Timea@www.timeamajorova.com
For product info. www.timeamajorova.com/pretty-fit/index.html

Ten Commandments For Fitness Success:

It is not easy to stay motivated and train hard. Some times we feel
strong and some times we just want to eat and watch TV.
We need something or someone to wake us up and change
our mind. Motivation is very important especially for those days
when you just can't get going! Here is some help!

1. Take Responsibility.
Take responsibility for becoming a " student " of your fitness success.
Think logically about your training and nutrition. The best experience
is your own experience. You will know your body and you will
know exactly what your body needs at the right moment.

2. Dream Big!
Believe that getting in the best shape of your life is possible
regardless of your age.

3. Invest in the Fitness Lifestyle.
Go to the SPA, massage, take classes like kick
boxing ,yoga or spinning,....

4. For best results...Throw away your scale!
It doesn't matter how much you weigh, it matters how much
you look like you weigh.(muscle weighs twice as much as fat)

5. Drink more water
Strive to drink eight to ten glasses of pure water each day.

6. Become a morning person.
You will burn two to three times more fat first thing in the
morning on an empty stomach than any other time of the day.

7. Think high-intensity training.
Stick to basic, compound, exercises to burn the most fat,
and add variety to enjoy each workout.

8. Have faith and patience.
More is not better. Better is better! Be efficient and intense with
your training, but not long. Limit yourself to three weekly trips to
the gym, on non-consecutive days and guard against over training.

9. Eat small meals every two to three hours.

10. Avoid high-sodium foods.
prefer chicken, fish, vegetables, salads and oatmeal...

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