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Date Therapy on The Debbie Nigro Show with guest Camille Virginia of Master Offline Dating
Part 2 with Camille VirginiaDate_Therapy_on_DEbbie_Nigro.mp3
Date Therapy Mag Is Here! Simply click on copy to enlarge it! Both audio interviews Date Therapy on Debbie Nigro & DrTranquility Chats with Rori Raye may be also be found above & below magazine as well!

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DrTranquility Chats with Rori Raye. Rori is a dear colleague who really knows her stuff and a true guru in every sense of the word. Come hang out with us. Take a listen...
Rori Raye of is here! Rori is one of the great gurus of Marriage & Relationships
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"I would recommend Dr.Tranquility-Lydia & Date Therapy because you gave me
new ways of dealing with stress that I can use in dating but in life in general."

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Date Therapy Rx $70 reg. $175

Date Therapy is a fun, unique proven way to improve your love life right now, this very minute. Whether it's online,a blind date or a friend that you are hoping to convert,making every day Valentine's Day.Seen in/on,Fox Good Day NY, promoted by,,Metromix-Chicago Tribune.

20 minute intro phone consultation session
1 Dating Success Audio
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1 Q &A Audio where DrTranquility-Lydia answers all of the questions
you could ever think to ask as she consulting over 500 clients live.

Date Therapy Rx $70 reg. $175

With clients in NY,London,Australia,California,Florida,MinneapolisCanada & more Dr.Tranquility bring this unique fun extremely successful experience to you!

One of our many Date Therapy Clients: A.B.:
"I would recommend Dr.Tranquility-Lydia & Date Therapy because you gave me
new ways of dealing with stress that I can use in dating but in life in general."

DrTranquility/Lydia Belton, PhD, Ct.H.A. is a mental health expert with a background in Mind-Body Medicine from Harvard University's Mind- Body Institute, and Columbia University's Rosenthal Center in Botanical Medicine & the British School of Complementary Medicine,Harley Street,London UK. She is a media expert Cosmo,Glamor UK, The View,Fox published on

Turks & Caico's

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DrTranquility's Date Therapy client One-day workshop & PR One-day Intensive for Holistic Practitioners & Also our 6 Week Date Therapy Practitioner Certification Course

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Find out more about our Date Therapy practitioner course and see if you qualify for details and possible acceptance. Date Therapy the course is accepted as a portfolio programme by ICF,The International Coach Federation (ICF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to professional coaching. ICF is the world's largest coaching organization, with 250,000 members in 126 countries.[1 ICF campaigns worldwide for professional standards within the coaching profession, and provides independent certification. Don't miss this great opportunity to add another tool to your tool bag and increase your income!

Date Therapy Talks Radio Program. All the experts in one place!

Michael Clark COO of the leading International Speed Dating Company We will also have Michael Clark's Tips for Success with here Catch the article in the upcoming Summer Issue but for now Michael sits down with Dr.Tranquility Date Therapy's Founder have a great chat that's fun and wildly

So who is Jim Fannin?
Jim Fannin is the Worlds #1 Coach of Champions.
Jim has coachedmore champions in sports, business and life
than anyone on earth. He is now tackling relationships. He sits chats with Dr.Tranquility as the together they share some great plays!

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