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B Well TV is our productions arm featured here are also from an Awaken Fair Lifestream .....

Nome Bahar preview

Famed Psychic Joan Carra with a beautiful way to view death of a loved one:

Julie Strong
A Theta Healing Meditation enjoy!

"We will dearly miss Sally Farmiloe-Neville. A truely beautiful woman and the outside wasn'r bad either! She was often found on the BAFTA red carpet and as a Socialite Spokesperson on the UK Hot Sceen she and her partner produced the Utopia piece featured here as well. Editor In Chief for Hot Gossip UK for many years she was a lady on the go and in the know. Speaking of in the know she was a Woman of The Year for Mensa. Sally lost her battle with Breast Cancer but fought it as she had lived with Elegance & Grace positively touching the lives of all she came in contact with...I will miss her..a truly remarkable woman the likes of which are rare indeed."

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