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New Year, New You The Love Issue is out 1/19!
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Dr.Tranquility's Interview with amazing motivational guru Dr. Joe Vitale on his site: http://www.mrfire.com/podcasts/Dr-Tranquility-Instant-Manifestation-Interview.m4aDrTranquility Talks Interview's DrTranquility-Lydia has worked with via PR, interviews & events :Dr.Joe Vitale,Dr.Wayne Dyer,Hay House,Jimmy Choo. Penn or penned or been featured in or the principle expert for; Forbes,Redbook,Cosmo,Glamour UK,Good day NY,The View,abcnews.com ABCNEWS.com,and as an expert for Fox 5 Good Day, KISS-FM, and WOR-FM. The Dorchester Spa,The Charles Hotel,M Vegas,Pura Vida Yoga retreats on her wellness walks as well as Dating & relationship media.

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Jim Fannin is the Worlds #1 Coach of Champions.
He has coached hundreds of professional athletes from nine sports
including members of the PGA and LPGA Tours, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, MLB, US
Equestrian Association, World Series of Poker and the Olympics. He has
trained tens of thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies from 50 industries in peak performance. He been featured on ESPN, NBC, ABC, CBS,
and Lifetime and published in the Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, Golf Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Fortune,Dr.T Magazine & DrTranquility Talks!
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