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We have a Cover Woman who is a WORLD CHAMPION MARTIAL
ARTIST Svitlana. Savialova. This is a title she won in CHINA!!
Oh & did I mention FEMALE!! She is beautiful inside & out with tremendous energy to boot!
Svitlana Savialova is a true bad....catch her on IG & here in our mag!

Sally Farmiloe -Neville & myself interview ing together here with Jimmy Choo
& restaurateur Eddie Lim on the healthy benefits of Malaysian Cuisine,Qi Gong
Shoes & more!

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Dr.Laurie Nadel,Dr.Barry Sears, Dr.Joe Vitale, Kaliyani, Rori Raye, Dr.Eric Pearl,Dee Wallace & more! Below in studio Dr.Tranquility Talks KTST 89.5 fm LA. Featured here w/ JOJ TV Reporter Marc Kocan & Miss World Fitness & Mega cover model (over 200 +covers) Timea Majorova. Dr.T with Debbie Nigro
DrTranquility Presents on The Debbie Nigro Show 3rd Wellness Wednesday of 10-11 am WGCH 1490 am.
Peek at a past issue issue from our early days of launching drt_zine_01.swfWe officially made the transition from a strictly digital to a print magazine as well!!
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Dr.Tranquility's Interview with amazing motivational guru Dr. Joe Vitale on his site: http://www.mrfire.com/podcasts/Dr-Tranquility-Instant-Manifestation-Interview.m4aDrTranquility Talks Interview's DrTranquility-Lydia has worked with via PR, interviews & events :Dr.Joe Vitale,Dr.Wayne Dyer,Hay House,Jimmy Choo. Penn or penned or been featured in or the principle expert for; Forbes,Redbook,Cosmo,Glamour UK,Good day NY,The View,abcnews.com ABCNEWS.com,and as an expert for Fox 5 Good Day, KISS-FM, and WOR-FM. The Dorchester Spa,The Charles Hotel,M Vegas,Pura Vida Yoga retreats on her wellness walks as well as Dating & relationship media.Our successful promotional campaigns have included: Wellness,Incredible Travel Destinations for spiritual wellness or simply a 5 star holiday Wellness Walks. This includes of course our magazine Dr.T's Zone which is directly promoted to our extensive top publicity & producer for radio as well as TV ,connections & friends. We are a free site but you must be a member. Please note we do not sell or release any name or email information. If a mailing is done it is a product or service that we like and believe in. The mailing is a dedicated email, meaning we mail it out no third party is ever given your information.Sign up now!
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